non is conscious by design 

agender minimalist denim made with organic & recycled materials + environmentally conscious production



    non considers it's materials for their environmental impact + durability; goods that last longer, can be repaired or easily recycled are inherently more sustainable

    our exclusive selvedge denim is 50/50 certified organic cotton + recycled cotton — meaning it can be recycled for next-life usage + contribute to a circular economy — which is rope-dyed in a rich, dark shade of indigo

    organic cotton is grown without toxic chemicals or GMOs (genetically modified organisms) and can reduce CO2 emissions by 60% compared to regular cotton; our organic cotton is Organic Cotton Standard certified which ensure high labour standards and sustains the health of ecosystems by using natural processes

    recycled cotton reduces the need for virgin cotton and lowers water and energy usage; our recycled cotton is reclaimed from the mill's production process to minimise naturally occurring waste 

    our zipper + thread are made from post-consumer recycled polyester, helping to divert plastic from landfill or contributing to ocean pollution, which are also fully recyclable, ensuring a circular production loop

    all our goods are vegan friendly + our packaging is made from certified recycled materials.



    non only partners with businesses with an absolute regard for human rights + shared mindset on environmental issues 

    our selvedge denim is exclusively milled in Turkey by ISKO. A leader in responsible denim production, ISKO is the first denim mill in the world to become a bluesign® SYSTEM partner, ensuring environmentally friendly and safe production methods, eliminating harmful substances from the beginning. ISKO has strong employment practices, ensuring all workers are paid a living wage and are represented properly by trade unions. ISKO is certified STeP by OEKOTEX® and also a member of the Sustainable Apparel Coalition and Textile Exchange 

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    all non goods are made and laundered in Turkey by Dinateks who were established in 1990; Dinateks have an in-house laundry, with sustainable laser and ozone machinery, to wash and finish the garments, and ISO 14001 certified wastewater treatment system in place which recycles and cleans the water they use. Dinateks pay all workers a living wage and are certified COVID-19 Safe Production Standard from Kiwa — an independent audit, compliance and certification body 

    non hardware is produced by YKK in Turkey who are committed to developing innovative eco-friendly products, eliminating hazardous chemicals + using energy efficient processes in production. YKK holds an ISO 14000 certificate for environmental management that ensures compliance with environmental regulations + helps organisations minimize how their operations negatively affect the environment.



    zero_waste + circularity

    non is committed to developing circular design and zero-waste production processes to reduce our impact on the planet 

    alongside using recycled materials, off-cut material from production is collected and recycled into new cotton yarn + our packaging is fully recyclable 

    non has partnered with EON to digitise all goods with a ‘circular ID’ to take greater responsibility for our goods throughout their lifetime. A scannable NFC tag on each garment provides wearers with provenance and care instructions whilst next-generation recyclers can access circularity data, like fabric composition, to improve end-of-life management 




    over a third (35%) of all microplastics released into the world's oceans are from synthetic textiles — the majority through domestic washing

    non currently uses post-consumer recycled polyester in our thread + YKK Natulon zippers to ensure durability, whilst minimising use of virgin synthetic materials

    non recommends washing our goods as infrequently as possible —to reduce wear, energy usage + release of microplastics— and has partnered with attirecare to offer high-spec care products with organic ingredients to help minimise washing

    non is committed to eliminating synthetic fibres + we are currently researching ways to achieve this




    fairify was founded to make sustainable shopping made easy; we partnered with them for our first sustainability report

    our score of ‘B’ reflects the great research, planning + production that has bought non to life but also that there is room to improve

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    we believe in transparency, so if you have any questions, please reach out